Nowadays, our smartphones have become our constant companion. We take them everywhere we go, even in our free time. With their large glass display and practical streamlined shape, most smartphones are very ergonomic to use, but also susceptible to damage if they fall or get knocked about. The M4 smartphone bicycle mount from Morpheus Labs for your bicycle has proved itself as a secure and practical transport aid, allowing you to continue to take your smartphone everywhere easily without having to worry about transport damage.

Secure and fast to attach

The innovative M4 smartphone bicycle mount for smartphones can be attached to the handlebars with just one click. Of course you can also mount it on a pushchair or a motorbike, as the mount is suitable for use on all bars and rails with a circumference of 22 mm to 32 mm. Automatic locking takes place via four small pairs of magnets, and the smartphone remains fully functional and operable. For somewhat bumpier off-road rides, for example, the ultra-lock provides additional security. It is activated and deactivated again with just one hand movement, guaranteeing reliable hold in every situation. By the way, with the right equipment Morpheus Labs M4 can also be used in your car, on your desk or in the gym.

Protective mobile phone cover included

The mount kit has a delivery scope which includes a high-quality protective smartphone cover that provides an especially perfect fit for iPhone 6/6s. The cover can be attached or removed by simply turning it. Its double-layer structure with polycarbonate and TPU makes it particularly sturdy and provides perfect protection for the fragile smartphone. At the same time it boasts a streamlined and attractive design. The metallic logo cover on the back can be used to prop up the smartphone. This means that the premium protective case is not only suitable for use with a bicycle mount but also for everyday use.

Innovative bicycle mount kit for smartphones

The M4 smartphone bicycle mount from Morpheus Labs for your bicycle is a sophisticated mix of purist functionality and stylish design. Whether you use it to navigate or to communicate, this practical mount kit allows you to always have your smartphone to hand, even on a bike ride.

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