KEYCO Wireless Charger is a silicone cable unibody wireless charger that aims to present a new direction for wireless charger by trying a new approach to the structure and usability of a conventional wireless charger. Unlike the existing wireless charger, this product features a PCB which is composed of the wireless charger and the charging coil, which makes the product more slimmer. This makes it possible to realize a slim product while using silicone material, while minimizing the heating problem, which was a chronic problem of the wireless charger. In addition, Silicone-based integrated structure provides a waterproof function with a smartphone, and at the same time provides a non-slip effect, so that the smartphone can be stably installed and charged in any environment. In addition, it is possible to attach the Gel Pad to the top and bottom of the product so that it can be attached to the shower booth and the glass wall of the car. KEYCO Wireless Charger seeks to transform the market with a symbolic product that not only presents a new user experience with wireless chargers, but also presents a new paradigm for wireless chargers, with innovative design concepts.

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