The introduction of K18 “Charging Station” Power Bank:
Our idea is to increase the “share” part of power bank in the process of using , realize sharing model in public ,and analyze what kind of gestures should be used to provide a more enjoyable experience for people in different situations.When we explore practical solutions, we finally select the concept of “charging station”.The three charging rods and the base are combined with the buckle type, and the electricity is different.When several people sit around together, the cell phone is power off, everybody takes what his need, everyone is happy. The combination of the mother station and the sub-power supply shows the care of the product owner in both private and public.It promotes sharing and communication.Every single is a tube of “energy bottles”,it resurrects blood for your mobile device when you need, returns to the mother station when you do not need, they are always keeping enough charge and waiting for the next call. When you go out, you can charge the sub-power as well as other power bank,although the “energy potion bottle” can not return to the mother station.The overall design is “stylish and colored”.

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