A key part of connecting and powering any piece of technology to another is the use of handheld charging cables. It is an important touchpoint in the user experience of the brand.

The JukuGrip is integral to the new dynamic design language that was developed to envigorate the brand, delivering dynamism and a consumer driven approach to product development, ensuring all Juku products are consistently at the cutting edge of consumer electronics design. The focus is always on style and functionality and how premium products can meet the needs of today’s creatives.

Juku and Dolmen, using the principles of Universal Design, have designed an innovative user grip, incorporating a deliberate ‘strain relief’ gripping area for people with small to large hands or poor motor control, allowing the user to safely push in or pull out this connector with ease. This feature, along with the durable soft touch dual injection moulded materials, make for a much improved user experience regardless of age or dexterity. The careful materials selection also protects the cable from fraying.

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