The iXY is a high-quality stereo microphone, designed for use with the latest generation of Apple iPhones with Lightning connectors. It incorporates a pair of ½” condenser capsules in a stacked XY configuration for immersive recordings. On-board analog-to-digital conversion bypasses the Apple device’s audio hardware to provide incredibly high quality, 24-bit/96kHz recordings.

Rather than a simple redesign of the 30pin iXY, this model is entirely reimagined to suit the Apple devices' relocated audio jack, which now sits next to the lightning connector. Maximum compactness is achieved by bringing the body of the iXY over the Apple device, creating an intersection of both forms, reducing the amount to which it extends beyond the phone.

The complete Lightning package is substantial, resulting in a split PCB which is tilted back behind the front faces. These are utilised in the body design to disperse unwanted acoustic reflections, allowing for a highly compact arrangement.

The interchangeable clamp is designed to minimise handling noise, as well as limit any force applied to the iXY from transferring to the phone. Metal housing and a conductive gasket minimises RF interference.

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