Astonishing charging speed, high capacity and compact design: The Intenso Quick Charge Powerbank Q10000 provides optimum effectiveness for mobile charging processes. With the Quick Charge 3.0 function, the Q10000 charges compatible devices up to 4x faster than conventional chargers. A rechargeable battery can be brought up to 80% of its capacity in a time of just 35 minutes. Quick Charge works with an intelligent communication algorithm between the devices. There is permanent communication of what power level is required at that specific time. Through this intelligent complete control, the mobile charging process has not only maximum efficiency, but it also ensures that the device being charged is handled carefully. Thanks to its variable-shaped lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, the Powerbank Q10000 has a very thin design that can be simply put under the smartphone during the charging process. That way the Powerbank can be easily transported and kept in a jacket or pants pocket even when actively charging the smartphone. In the colours silver and black, the Powerbanks optically match any mobile device.

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