Insta360 Air is a tiny panoramic camera accessory, which compact with most of Android devices, and take panoramic photo and video easily.

By connecting to computer with a specific cable, it can be used to have panoramic video call.

Insta360 Air support 3K resolutions shooting, even it is extremely small. It’s internal structure had been refined many times, and is so small that fits into your pocket smoothly, which is a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic.

Circle is regarded as the basic design element of Insta360 Air to achieve the effect that Air is a beautiful circle in every angle. While being used, it’s just like a floating ball and capture your every cherish moments, panoramically.

Insta360 Air’s convex fish-eye lens are protected by specific rubber case, whose shape and curve match to Air seamlessly, resulted in making them an exquisite gadget while combining together.

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