Turning a charger into a wall sculpture, Innergie USB-C Wall Charger redefines the simplicity of charging and reshapes the identity for a charger.

Unlike the typical charger with the port straight to its upright appearance, this charger simply adopts a wall-parallel structure and hides the port underneath to create an exceptionally clean and iconic semblance on the wall.

This charger features the patented plug modular that can be not only switched but also installed forward and backward to the charger. With its eccentric design, the charger can rotate dramatically by reversing the plug installation to shy away other sockets and to manage better positions to access the port.

With clean lines and planes in well-conceived proportions, this design realizes a concise reinterpretation of forms and functions. The 2.5-degree tapering body brings an intuitive usability on the grip. The smaller round corner of the body is coherent to the eccentric plug as the turning semantics. In addition, the 45-degree seamless joint is applied on all assemblies, making a solid, flawless look and feel

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