Everyone knows cable tangle mess – but that certainly does not mean it is liked, quite the reverse. The innovative iCushions from Kikkerland finally put an end to the annoying tangle and at the same time convince as practical smartphone stand.

Small but effective

The iCushions show quite clearly, that good design can indeed be minimalistic: the small silicon sphere with its suction cup appears unremarkable, convinces, however, with its well considered function. The cable is simply and discreetly laid around the suction cup. It is thereby neatly wound and annoying entangling is effectively prevented. The suction cup can be fastened to the back of the smartphone if required, so that the silicon sphere holds the device nonslip in the desired position. The angle can be adjusted by attaching the iCushions in different positions on the smartphone.

Well-conceived design for unlimited functionality

In order that the iCushions allow comfortable use of the smartphone at all times, the design had to be thought out to the last detail. This included, of course, not only the appealing form, but also the many intriguing details. Silicon as material, for example, is easily cleaned and long lasting and convinces with its good haptic qualities. A small recess in the silicon sphere also assures that the iCushions stand absolutely nonslip and anti-roll.

Colourful and practical

This practical and stylish smartphone accessory is suitable not only for one’s own use but also as a small gift for many occasions. The iCushions were honoured for their design quality with the Red Dot Design Award 2011. They are delivered in an appealing package and can be obtained in the colour variations blue, green, pink, red, white and black.

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