Cellphone has become a necessity of modern life, and functional but attractive accessories can greatly improve the user experience with it. The accessories can expand cellphones to more usage scenarios. “HORN” multi-functional cellphone bracket features with loudspeaker and flashlight. By using a simple but solid cone or horn shape it can achieve the multi-functional expansion. The silicone part which is at the opening position can stick to the suitable cellphones and create a stable support for them. Its metal resonance chamber improves the sound quality and oriented playing volume, thus bring to user a pleasure audio-visual experience. Its tapered angle resulted from repeated experiments and when it works as a flashlight, it can effectively reflect the internal light and output a concentrated lighting. Compact design brings a vital and artistic impact. Anodized aluminum texture is perfect harmony with the matched cellphones, brings more artistic taste to users. The compact size is also easy to carry, and it can coordinate with modern living environment. If placed alone, it can become a stylish and charming little ornament too.

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