The design of the AP08/AP08Q was inspired by the notion of a concave-convex dichotomy. This manifests itself in the cross-hatched surface, creating a 3D texture that lends the device a visual sense of completeness. This dichotomy can also be observed in the hollow corner feature, which increases portability and counteracts the chunkiness of the device.

Both fast charge and standard charge versions are available. Charging is quicker than ever with the brand new two-way quick charge feature, and a range of data inputs are supported. The 3D cross-hatched design prevents scratches and other damage by reducing the surface area in contact with the user’s desk, and the use of a polycarbonate mold makes the device resistant to wear and tear, while ensuring that the surface paint will not chip or fade.

The high-density lithium polymer electrochemical cell eliminates risks, and the outer rim is treated with a non-slip coating which also improves grip. The device’s simple and fashionable design allows the AP08/AP08Q to appeal to a wide range of consumers for a variety of situations.

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