Evo Mesh is the next stage in the evolution of Impactology™. We have created a market leading Impact protection case, which is more protective and 30% thinner than our previous generation of cases.

Using a new scientifically proven, hybrid impact protection material, FlexShock™, it is possible to injection mold the material into the case, using space optimization to reduce the overall thickness of the case, and diffusion domes to enhance impact absorption through the shape of the material as well as the materials absorption properties. Less material is used so its also lighter than previous case generations.

FlexShock™ is a cutting edge hybrid energy absorbing material which absorbs, dissipates and repels impact force.

The Evo Mesh is Ultra-Thin, Super-Lightweight and offers maximum impact protection whilst preserving and enhancing its natural beauty, encasing the corners and back of your iPhone to provide a secure fit and feel with a raised screen bezel. The Evo Mesh is available in Apple Stores worldwide.

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