Our product “Cover Age” is a unique smartphone case with cover. For turning the phone into a stand, this cover can be folded and fixed to the backboard either in a vertical or a horizontal position. The new magnetic design allows the user to choose among almost unlimited numbers of reclining angles for viewing at ease.
The cover can be flipped open and closed single-handedly. A convenient design for users who need to work with both hands simultaneously.
The semi-circular opening at the middle part of the cover can stabilize the vertical standing position and increase stability while holding in the hand, so the thumb can glide across the whole screen effortlessly without the risk of dropping.
Putting the index or middle finger into the upper semicircular slot while the cover is fixed to the backboard, the user can hold the screen horizontally for viewing without fatigue.
For selfies you can lock the middle finger between the two rotation bands with the cover fixed to the backboard and the arm can stretch as far as possible.
Supporting the latest iPhone X function, the phone turns into a clock and enables night light activation by touch in a reclining position during recharge.

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