CAN is a special power bank that with a can shape design for someone who using backpack in mostly. With this can shape design to let it fit for carrying by cup holder like at the side of backpack, or the cup holder on the bicycle and so on. Powering for user when they are walking, hiking or riding. CAN has enough power, and with various output ports including common USB with high power output, new generations of USB-C port (like New MacBook, new Smartphones), and AC outlet. Powering for USB or USB-C compatible charging devices, and also for some devices work with power adapter charging or AC power. It can cover over 95% of handheld consumer electronic device’s power needs. The structural design is considering different power capacity needs from user. All electronic parts designed to fit in a compact chamber on top of the product. the bigger power capacity version, will be the longer battery chamber. Shape like a taller beer can. And with high efficiency circuit design, it can eliminate the cooler fan. This can help to optimize the size again and silent.

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