Brilliant Cut is a luxury item rather than an electronic gadget. Women love gold because it is the final definition of extravagance.
Inspired by the pyramid of Giza, stylish, simple but also with in-depth complexity, Brilliant Cut resembles an Eye Shadows box where on the top, a carefully allocated pattern of polish and matte finish squares and triangles, painted in metallic gold, is sculpted into high density ABS. Embellished with four Brilliant Cut Aquamarine stones, shine like diamond which functions as the power reserve indicators, activated by a touch sensor on the side. All are enclosed in a high-polished stainless steel case. The back of the case also acts as a vanity mirror where the logo and manufacturer information is laser engraved underneath a layer of UV protective coating.
Promoting the idea of sharing between friends, intelligently controlled by on board MCU wielding 5000mAh electricity, Brilliant Cut allows the user to mount up to 5 pieces together at one time, sharing electricity to and from any other unit, yet it can be completely independent to one another. To use it, all one needs to do is plug any mobile device(s) into the USB port and start charging process.

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