Discover aircharge, the smart solution for wireless charging wherever you are.

Incorporating the latest technologies, aircharge can be integrated into any environment and is the perfect addition to a variety of dynamic public spaces, including hotels, eateries & conference areas, due to the versatility and convenience it provides when mobile devices need hassle free wireless charging. Aircharge uses an evolving technology called QI (inductive power standard) where a magnetic field in the charger transfers power to a receiver (embedded within your device, charging receiver or charging case) when placed on top, without using any cables.

Responding to rapidly changing trends, technology and legislation, aircharge provides a clever solution with simple installation & smart design allowing the benefits of emerging technologies to be experienced sooner rather later – bridging the gap so that you can enjoy the freedom of wireless charging now and long into the future.

Aircharge is fully compatible with a number of the latest mobile devices that have wireless technology built in as standard, hassle-free accessories are available for those devices not yet compatible.

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