N4 cable carrier was designed considering mobility, portability, and usability to match the N4 concept(New place, New Sim & Now). It tried to make the brand known as the sensitive one to the part that can be easily forgotten by consumers by designing the storage space of the sim ejector that is inconvenient to carry for dual sim users or overseas users and can be lost easily as well as carrying the recharge and data cable. It was designed in compliance with portability, usability, and attractiveness using a circle, the “ergonomic design element.” It also maximized the portability in its compact size and is realized with soft material considering usability and mobility. It provides various point colors considering the consumers’ taste, and the ‘Clam-Shell’ circle can easily wind the cable in all directions and keep it without being messy. A minus circle on both sides of the USB cable is added for easy detachment from the device and design unity in general.

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