Vodafone is emerging as a serious contributor to the modern communications market with their latest generation of smartphones. The Smart 7 Series goes even further in delivering competitive technology across a large range of compelling price points. The design language ensures that consistent, iconic DNA strands are easily recognizable throughout the family line-up while addressing the unique goals of each device. The polished, concave scallops, which hug the belt-line from the front and back, carve away superfluous volume and result in a visual and physical reduction in percieved thickness. Inspired by automotive headlight technology, micro laser-etching technology was used to create digitally-controlled optical effects on the back cover surface. Alternating scribe lines, measuring only 25 microns deep, create a special visual effect where adjacent rhombus shapes appear to flip refracted light back and forth as the device is rotated. Upon second glance, the rhombuses visually group to form hexagons, adding yet another dimension to the surface. The nature-inspired patterns were generated algorithmically, to infuse a refined element of visual intrigue, unique to each device.

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