As smart phone makers and consumers experiment with ever-growing screen sizes, so increases the risk of several ergonomic pitfalls when phone and tablet definitions get blurred. The so-called “Phablet” category, still in its infancy, has been struggling to find just the right balance between screen real estate, human factors and mobility.

The Vodafone Smart 4 achieves this balance with an expansive screen that provides an astoundingly immersive multimedia experience while assuring an easy and firm grip within a user’s hand. On-screen target actuation by the thumb does not require excessive hand repositioning that risks the device being dropped, while the compact form factor will easily fit in most anyone’s pocket.

The soft, curvaceous surfaces bounded by confident edges further minimizes the apparent thickness and stabilises grip. The metal Vodafone branding on the back surface acts as a pleasant tactile cue to the index finger to help register the audio port to the user’s ear.

Available in Anthracite or Aluminium-Silver with a crystal white touch panel, at a fraction of the cost of comparable phablets, the Vodafone Smart 4 is the clear choice.

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