As the trend of “B.Y.O.P. to the office” (Bring Your Own Phone) becomes ever more popular, it is increasingly important that professionals have choices when selecting their smart phone, particularly when they rely so heavily on it for their work and personal lives.

The Vodafone Smart 3 makes that choice easier by combining a sleek, stylish handset with premium metallic finishes at an amazing value.

The chamfered contour of the rear housing actually follows the shape of the internal components, allowing the external surfaces to wrap the handset in a remarkably compact package. The soft, friendly surfaces bounded by crisp, confident lines provides a firm, comfortable grip while minimizing perceived thickness.

With enough power to handle the most demanding office tasks, it also has the multimedia capabilities and generous screen size to keep anyone connected and entertained. Special audio enhancements are used to ensure that voice calls are crystal clear at any volume.

Available with a choice of Aluminium-Silver or Anthracite finishes at a fraction of the cost of comparable smartphones, the Vodafone Smart 3 stands out from the crowd.

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