Starting with the aim of assisting users wherever they are in the mountains, Quechua sought to expand its offer and provide its users with a product that is suited to their changing needs.

Battery life (that allow 2 days of hiking with GPS and 3G activated), shock resistance, excellent protection from the weather screen that is legible in direct sunlight are all the points that we take care to design a suitable mountain-proof product. There is no more need to worry about taking your smartphone out in the pouring rain or in a sand storm !

It has a surround made with shock absorbent rubber. Its internal assembly is reinforced and its screen is made of toughened glass.

The Quechua Phone 5’’ mean 5-inch screen that makes it easier to read maps. The Quechua Phone is selling with a dedicated maps application “Quechua-Tracking” facilitating mountain sports and enhancing safety with tools (GPS, altimeter, barometer, etc.) that can be of benefit to anyone seeking to know exactly where they are in the mountains.

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