The OnePlus X Ceramic marks the first time a manufacturer has fashioned an entire backplate out of ceramic. The backplates take 25 days to craft. Zirconia from Australia is ground, molded and baked at 1,480ºC for 28 hours, and has to cool for two days. The process is repeated several times, after which the ceramic is polished three times to smooth out every blemish. A laser is used to incise an opening for the camera lens. The sleek, and virtually scratch-proof backplate has a hardness of 8.5H on the Mohs scale. The angled edges of the OnePlus X Ceramic help the phone reflect light to amplify the beauty of the material. The etched metal frame combines brushed anodized aluminum with chamfered edges and 17 microcuts, resulting in an elegant look and enhanced grip. Each button features a radial grooved finish and is tested 10,000 times for excellent clickability. The process to produce the ceramic backplate is expensive, time-consuming, and has a yield rate of just 20%. Using such delicate material for a mass-produced device places the OnePlus X Ceramic in a class of its own.

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