The Z17S is designed with a 5.73’’ super vision screen atop a 5.2’’ hand grip. Get the magic touch while using the full-screen with just the swipe of your thump. Experience the multi-sensory enjoyment of a super vision screen in the palm of your hand. A pioneer, the Z17S is at the forefront of a new visual revolution. The phone’s display is more comprehensive than ever before, thanks to the perfect combination of full-screen design and bezel-less technology. By integrating a customized speaker and camera, the Z17S’ size has been reduced by 50%, enabling a screen ratio of 90.36%. The four-sided curved glass body of Z17S brings more smooth and delicate hand feeling,the body can sensitively induce light changes, which makes it shining like a piece of art.Photography is one of the core competencies of Nubia. Four cameras bring more skills, and can realize real-time blurring comparable to hardware level;It brings brand new “upside down” function. The common operations are integrated at the bottom of the interface, and notice, call log, photo and so on are displayed reverse to the chronological order. Better one-handed operation experience is realized in the full-screen era.

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