Aegean blue of Z17miniS is the first product adopting gradient 3D glass in the industry with the best gradient color process in the industry. Gradient color effects of the appearance are created with 3D optical engraving technology, which shows the sense of vast sea, fresh and elegant. Such glass material brings nano-dazzle effects, and different colors are generated with different angles. In combination with the smart glass body, it brings the unique visual enjoyment. The body back is warm, clear and sparking.In order to improve body strength, a layer of anti-collision rubber ring is also attached between the glass and the metal mid-frame, which can reduce the risk of glass fissure as much as possible. These tiny designs reflect the designers’ pursuit in user experience.Z17miniS has 5.2” small-screen design with 2.5D screen protection glass .AF anti-fingerprint coating is added on the glass of Z17miniS, which effectively avoids the problem that fingerprint is easily attached on glass, and subtle curvature also realizes seamless connection between the mid-frame and the body. It guarantees fineness while giving consideration to hand feeling, which gives you gentle impression.

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