The design of Nokia 515 focuses on material innovations to deliver quality and thinness while maximizing usability and connectivity. It combines the seamless purity of the monobody with the confidence that comes with metal.

This metal has been crafted with care and attention to celebrate its inherent qualities and beauty. The body is anodized aluminum, ensuring that color is an inherent part of the metal. The delicately sand-blasted surface gives an opulent satin look that feels smooth and cool in the hand. This dedicated surface contrasts beautifully with the highly polished details, e.g. camera ring and Nokia logo, highlighting the individual features, celebrating this rich material and bringing a visible level of excellence.

The rich metal body envelopes the device, framing the seamless, front face. The inky screen draws your gaze as reflections play across curved (2.5D) glass surface. The display is treated with a Go Black polarizer to ensure clarity in all light conditions. Using the supplied tool, a quick press of the concealed mechanism releases the body.

With the Nokia 515, we continue the focused and consistent design approach-Simplicity, Reduction, Color and Craftsma

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