OPPO N1 is the first smart phone equipped with rotatable camera in the world. The initiative X-axis rotating mechanism allows an elegant yet silent rotate mode. In spite of its small size, the rotating mechanism contains 63 components. By combining together the front and rear cameras, it brings you with a shooting experience that is amazing and funny.
OPPO N1 has a simple yet fashionable appearance, which is inspired by the Bauhaus architectural structure, creating a “line-plain” structure instead of the traditional but dull “plane-plane” one. Outside the white plane of the phone body, the metal line is winded in a thin and smooth way. Being finely-made through 14 processes, the metal line looks delicate and shining, giving the phone a beauty of spirituality and elegance.
The four-way touch technology is adopted at the back of OPPO N1, allowing user to take a picture by simply clicking on the back with a finger. Moreover, we have created a wearable accessory for OPPO N1 – the O-Click, which is used to take a picture in a remote control way. With its size of merely a coin, the O-Click looks delicate and adorable, perfectly bending in the style of the entire phone.

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