With pending Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility in August 2012, the Motorola design team was presented with the opportunity to create a new product, design language and purchasing experience that would represent the new company. Moto X is the first product with this new design language embodying approachable mass appeal and consumer personalization.

Moto X has a compact curved form that fits comfortably in the hand, and upon holding, gives a first impression unique from other devices in the market. On tabletop, the same iconic curve gently lifts the device off the surface inviting users to pick up the device. The front of the device is seamlessly constructed with insert molded glass, which makes the display appear to flow over the edge of the product, blurring the boundaries between physical and digital experiences.

The final piece of the design is the MotoMaker build-to-order web portal. With MotoMaker, consumers can customize their own device from over 2,000 possible combinations and receive their product within 4 days of order. Built from the ground up, MotoMaker allows Motorola to build a unique interactive relationship directly with the consumer.

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