With the pending Google Acquisition of Motorola Mobility in August 2012, the Motorola design team used the opportunity to disrupt the current smartphone market by creating a new product that would deliver an exceptional experience at an exceptional price, and extending the new Moto Franchise into a new price point that would be more accessible.
Moto G has a compact curved form that fits comfortably in the hand, and upon holding, gives a first impression unique from other devices in the market. On tabletop, the same iconic curve gently lifts the device off the surface inviting users to pick up the device.
Moto G can be customized by the consumer through interchangeable rear shells, users can change the shell of Moto G to match their style or mood. Additional Shells were designed to extend the functionality of the product, with the Flip Shell and Grip Shell giving users extra protection and aids in eliminating anxiety from damage.
Moto G is the most affordable, best performing smartphone on the market. We have seen one million unit activations in less than 2 months after launch. It has become one of the best selling products in many different regions with great consumer feedback.

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