Side keys, when employed in a phone with small size of display, provide stabilization during either keying or gripping, but, with the display larger, folks are prone to drop the phone in an attempt to fumble with the device. The G2, apart from conventional habitual placement of the controls on the sides, adopts a revolutionary ‘rear key’ design, through which stable grip and key usability are as much enjoyable as leading you to a new world of smartphone use. Also, the innovative design allows the G2 crafted with thinner side shape that was otherwise hardly farther thinner, thus creating ergonomic simplicity by removing cumbersome side buttons. Added with specially engineered high-density staircase-typed battery feature, the G2 offers long-lasting use life, not sacrificing its uniquely slim form factor and comfortable grip feeling. Features of simplest design and ultimately minimized bezels enable the user to enjoy extraordinary graphics in the larger display of the lesser dimension of the phone.

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