The 5.2-inch P9 is the latest in Huawei’s flagship P series of smartphones. The stunningly designed ultra-thin all-metal body has subtly rounded edges, giving the appearance of a seamless whole, both sleek and sturdy. The high-gloss metal finish and 2.5D glass combine to give the impression that the whole phone is encased in glass. High resolution Leica dual lenses capture professional-quality pictures without compromising on the handset’s compact style, and Huawei’s next-generation fingerprint sensor merges discretely into the back of the beautifully symmetrical design. This elegant, ergonomic design provides users with an extraordinary feel and visual experience.
The unique brushed-metal finish of the enhanced version causes light and shadows to dance together over the glossy surface of the aluminum alloy body. Meanwhile, the enhanced white version has been carefully hand-polished, resulting in a porcelain finish that shines like the lacquer on a new sports car.
The appearance of the P9 constantly changes with the motion of light. Just as with the definition of fashion itself, with the Huawei P9, the only constant is change.

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