Tapping the potential of e-paper technology, this wristwatch delivers customizable dial and belt designs to match different outfits, moods, and usage environments. The pre-installed patterns are just the tip of the iceberg. The dedicated app not only gives users access to downloadable patterns in the online store—which features designs by unique, creative minds from around the world—but also lets users render photos into one-of-a-kind patterns. By simply laying a dial pattern over a picture, be it a regular photo, smartphone snapshot, or a graphic, users can create their very own FES Watch U designs. Regular updates of new patterns are always rolling in, providing users with new experiences that fuse digital technology and the latest fashions. To give the “total-makeover” experience of the FES Watch U a better showcase, designers went for a simple external form and configuration. The pattern-creator app has virtually no learning curve, meanwhile, enabling even the most novice users to relish the joys of boundless creativity by just pairing a dial layout with a picture.

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