emporia’s first smartphone the emporiaSMART combines a unique hardware and software that delivers relevant, effective and non-complex services for the older generation.
The emporiaSMART enables the users to be smart on their own terms. The most obvious visible example of this is a patented keypad that covers half the touchscreen to provide users with the choice of traditional buttons or a touchscreen experience as many older users struggle with touchscreens. With the emporia cover the emporiaSMART delivers the same usability making a call that the user has known from a feature phone.
The user can choose how to use the phone according to previous experiences and preferences. Those that prefer to key in a number with a physical number keypad can do so. Users that prefer to swipe through a photo album can use the touch screen. Users that find a software keypad is too small when writing a text message can use a stylus pen to select the letters.
On the software side, key apps like messages, camera or pictures have been redesigned to offer the user an intuitive way of using them. Focus is on a clear menu structure and big letters.

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