EF500 Series is an advanced enterprise smart phone that provides customer centric and tailored solution for the enterprise B2B vertical markets such as Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Field Sales, etc. Integrated with optional modules necessary for Payment, Logistics, Security operations, it is possible to select either Android Lollipop 5.0 or Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise as the operation system of choice. While EF500 meets IP67 ratings, and 1.5m MIL STD-810G drop specification, the users that requires extensive operation hours under extreme environment have an option to upgrade and transform EF500 into high-end performance model which meets drop spec to 2.5m MIL STD-810G spec and increases the battery to 6,000mAh. With this unique design of composing two different offerings with one device, EF500 brings the improved customers satisfaction and brings effective savings on design, development resources, costs, timeline, etc.

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