Doro 8040, the Smartphone upgraded with simplicity
Although smartphones are now almost everywhere, many first-time users as well as seniors find the leap into the smartphone world as challenging and still struggle with new technology or due to age related impairments; none of which are addressed by mainstream smartphones.
Doro 8040 is a senior smartphone that doesn’t say ”I’m old” but that is still easier to use than a regular mainstream smartphone. It has all the advantages of a mainstream smartphone but also takes into account age related needs, such as impaired eye sight, hearing, handling etc.., and also adds the benefit and peace of mind with a full family remote service.
Doro 8040 has
• two unique easy to use interfaces with intuitive navigation, fitting both complete new beginners and those who are a bit more advanced
• loud and clear HD sound with HAC, so you always hear everything everyone says
• ergonomic design making it is easy to hold, comfortable to grip and simple to handle
• physical buttons on the front + assistance button on the back so you always find your way and help is just one press away
• Doro Keyboard with Large keys, vocal commands, predictions

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