Modern, precise and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Inspired by the passport, a familiar and universal symbol of mobility, this device is perfect for traveling light. The large display affords an uncompromised experience for viewing content, navigating maps and managing email. Its square aspect ratio and size provides a near optimal text line length similar to a book for natural reading. The innovative touch-sensitive keypad delights the user with an efficient typing experience that blends the digital and the physical. To enhance the seamless experience, the typeface Slate Pro was used in the same size and colour, on both the physical and onscreen keyboards. The unique stainless steel frame structure is exposed on the edges to celebrate its strength, durability and visual lightness. It is forged to strengthen the material before undergoing a 5 step CNC process. The display glass is shaped and polished to perfection with industrial grade diamonds, fully integrating it into the overall form. The controls and ports are carefully located for ease of use and clarity. The resulting composition of the frame, keypad, and housing creates a unique, purposeful and iconic appearance.

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