Single police site enforcement video and voice recorder (short for VIDEO SPEAKER MICROPHONE) is an independently developed 4G single police enforcement equipment. It encompasses various advanced technology such as information security, 4G mobile technology, video and voice process technology etc into a new era single police enforcement recording terminal.
The design of the recorder boasts the most advance concept internationally. The appearance design highlights its video recording function (a major feature of this product). This design doesn’t only showcase the 3-dimension appearance of the device but also its professionalism and reliability. Based on the onsite data research, the design of the push buttons has also taken into consideration of the users’ device-human interaction experience and added numerous design elements such as resolution, touch & feel as well as avoiding mistouch. This device also has water-proof, dust-proof and crash-proof function to satisfy the needs under various complicated circumstances. Its unique water-proof design meets IP67 standards while ensuring the best possible speaker audio-ouput.

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