The Tripler is a practical multifunction USB charger identifying several aspects of phone and accessory charging, and presents a combination solution:
* Charging is becoming a electric utility, to be installed behind/under furniture, or on walls.
* When travelling, the user does not want to collect the different chargers and cables, but just want to grab one compact unit or system.
* When travelling, hotels most often only have 1 AC outlet, with regular chargers only 1 device could be chargerd.
* When travelling, there are different outlets which require different connectors. Tripler can be complemented with a cheap AC cable to fit the current region.

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The Tripler have many here undescribed details and features that can be found during use and study. Please note that a fastening mechanism for the lid is not in the prototype, but is designed and will be in the final product. Also, there planned surface texture of VDI 31 is not in the prototype.

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