Everyone hates to lose their stuff. Tile is a Bluetooth tracking device that keeps track of your valuables, sending a signal to your phone so that you never misplace your things. Tile Slim is just over 2 millimeters thick, about the size of two credit cards. The button in the center is embedded in the surface but remains tactile, and its functionality is to wake up the smartphone it’s connected to: when pressed, it will ring the phone to help in finding it. While we wanted Tile Slim to look and feel simple in use, the complexity lies internally – the thin white square is packed with a full-volume speaker, Bluetooth technology, and a battery that lasts for 12 months. We also designed a metallic silk-printed pattern across the surface to give the technology inside a dynamic quality and a branded personal touch. Tile Slim is small enough for your wallet, but can also fit inside of your passport, or even the pocket of your favorite coat. The beauty of Tile is its network – if your item is lost anywhere in the world, it will send a signal to anyone with the Tile app, so you can always locate the things you care for most.

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