The TigerStrike™ series Intelligent Radio Direction Finding system is a quantum leap in the evolution of search and rescue technology. The TigerStrike™ comprises a patent-pending interchangeable antenna system coupled with an artificial intelligence-based digital signal processing receiver that is capable of communicating to a compact Windows-based computer to provide near-instant targeting and location data on an easy-to-use mapping screen. Designed and manufactured by experienced search and rescue professionals, the TigerStrike™ is the first life-saving technology that can hunt crashed airplanes, lost hikers or skiers equipped with ELT beacons on 121.5 MHz or 406 MHz, then transition to locate wandering Alzheimer’s patients with beacon bracelets in the 216 MHz range, then switch to finding trapped fire fighters using their own radios as beacons in either the VHF or UHF range. Due to its unparalleled accuracy, the TigerStrike™ saves lives by dramatically increasing the speed to recovery of those lost or in distress while making the searchers and their results visible in real time to their leaders via the networked command module.

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