Tabimax 2 is a universal stand for tablet PCs and smartphones. Through the adjustable height and a simple plug-assembly Tabimax 2 can be transported very comfortable and reassambled again. Tabimax 2-elements are made of lasercut stainless steel . With Tabimax 2 it will be possible with any conventional tablet-PC to transfer live-pictures of all elements, templates, books or details to existing Beamer technology. Tabimax 2 makes existing technology and commercially available hardware usable for presentation and thus represents the missing element for a new, innovative and perfectly simple way of presenting in live-mode. The design is based on the idea to allows rapid construction without additional tools. The stand makes free handling and as much natural light from all sides possibel. The choice of a triangle as a support frame was chosen because thus all sizes and positions of tablets and smartphones are made possible .

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