The Starline-Round (SLR) represents the latest cable trunking design by Univolt’s development team for the “British-standard market”. By combining a simply elegant look with innovative functionality this cable trunking meets the most modern design standards and silhouettes against competitors. The application of a hinged lid allows users to keep the side lid open while cabling and most easily close the trunking by folding the side lids in. This is not just an increase in comfort but also saving a lot of time. Moreover, this simplicity allows everybody to perform maintenance on the cabling without addition help, which is not self-evident since most trunkings have a length from 3 meters. In combination with the original accessories the round appearance of this cable trunking is capable of creating a complete and easing atmosphere in your room. In addition to that, the SLR with its hinged lid functionality originated from a fully foldable cable trunking which reduces transport volume by 70% and hence leaves a green footprint.

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