Roger Touchscreen Mic, a new simple and intuitive wireless microphone enables children with hearing difficulties to hear and understand better than ever. In a classroom where these students face challenges to hear well because of noise, distance from the teacher, and room reverberation, the teacher only needs to wear the Touchscreen Mic, teach as usual and the voice is sent to Roger receivers. The children wear these tiny Roger receivers attached to, or integrated into, their hearing instruments or cochlear implants and now have direct and clear access to everything their teachers say. To easily accommodate for the dynamic learning nature of the modern classroom, when the Roger Touchscreen Mic is placed on a table, the microphone automatically changes to Small Group mode and optimizes listening to peers in a small group. The Roger technology built inside this new microphone provides improvements in speech understanding in noise of over 54% compared to traditional systems, truly facilitating communication for children where it matters most.

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