Ericsson RD 4442 is a new indoor small cell, part of the most cost-effective, modular, high performing, indoor radio system in the industry. RD 4442 enables operators to address a wide range of in-building environments with a common solution. And has clear operational benefits for CIOs and IT Managers adding the indoor connectivity performance required for enterprise services. The product architecture combined with the two-in-one frequency solution enables simple and effective deployment, 100% integrated with existing network.

The innovative RD 4442 features a sober, non-intrusive front that blend in on most walls or ceilings. The backside gets its character from the thermally optimized design and its intuitive bayonet interface. With a clever reuse of mounting solutions, Ericsson manage to keep any installation or upgrade simple and effortless.

With 70% of all mobile traffic generated indoors, the market needs world class telecom solutions. The RD 4442 proves that great radio performance can be packed in an ultra-compact radio head. The one click cable installation summarize our goal of premium usability that dramatically strengthens our brand identity.

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