Axnes has delivered the Polycon (PNG) system to the rotary wing Search and Rescue sector for close to two decades, where the PNG system has been widely adopted. The MP50 PNG Transceiver is Axnes´ latest wireless intercom device. The target market for this product are Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), Search and Rescue Services (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue Services (CSAR) and special mission operations. The product is currently used by the UN in the Ukraine and in Leonardo and Airbus Helicopters.

Battery operated and rechargeable, the MP50 PNG Transceiver`s hand held unit is designed to withstand extreme operating scenarios. The base station and it`s control panel are installed in the aircraft and supplied with power from the aircraft`s system. The hand-held transceiver also suppresses surrounding noise to secure optimal voice activation performance. The MP50 PNG Transceiver can connect to the base station in the helicopter (Intercom mode), as well as communicate directly between handsets, or other radios (Direct mode). Through the integrated microphone, the system enables communication between the survivor and ground rescue party without helmet removal (Local Mode).

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