Ericsson MINI-LINK 6363 is a new microwave radio unit, a vital link in site to site communication in the Ericsson Radio System. Its compact format caters for the need of high availability, capacity and output power, providing superior network performance.
Intended for installation in a mast or on a roof top where size is crucial, 6363 is the world’s smallest high power radio unit with a footprint reduced by 65%. Focusing on usability, user friendliness and smart interfaces, 6363 is designed to be entirely installed from the front, enabling flexible positioning and smaller site footprint using only one screw. All this ensures easier and faster installations as well as less wind load.
In a reality where a non-intrusive appearance is key, 6363 combines an overall robust and compact design with clean and refined details. A mere two pieces of cast aluminum house all functionality including IP sealing, cooling, protection for connectors as well as mounting and hoisting interfaces, all developed with a meticulous attention to composition and detail.
The result is a product exterior that express the interior’s world-class quality and strengthens the brand identity.

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