This is a leather cell phone cover, combined with megaphone function. No need to waste extra electricity or install any accessory, all you need to do is fold the cover into a trumpet shape. Go with the high quality leather, the product comes with good looking and metal LOGO as well.Except the basic function of cell phone protection, water resistance, and card holder. The quality shows in tons of details like machine sewing thread and tanning edge design. Machine sewing thread strongly extends the durability; the tanning edge design makes the cover clean and shining. We sum up the elements of the assemblage as below: foldable, be able to hook up, be able to stand on the table and integrating with the cell phone cover. Therefore, proper material comes to the first thing we need to think about, and a smooth-surfaced leather is the best choose. Then we put the unregularly plastic plates inside two layers of leather to create a pliable situation. At last, we designed the male/female magnet hook to complete the whole function, make it easy to use.

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