The Helix Cuff™ is the first fashion wearable wrist cuff with extractable smart wireless Bluetooth® headphones. In a sleek form, the Helix Cuff™ ensures that Fashion and Tech are always at hand. The Helix Cuff™ solves the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones in a fashion-forward way. fashion and functionality are the principles on which the Helix was created. We wanted to bridge the gap between high-fashion and functional design in the tech space. A headset is fundamentally a product consumers want to carry around when they are on the go, but nobody has really solved the use case. The portable Helix Cuff provides on-the-go access to advanced in-ear headphones that you can pair with your favorite mobile, wearable and smart devices across various OS such as Android and iOS. Helix features aptX® technology to provide CD-like high-quality stereo audio, multipoint technology to enable simultaneous connectivity to two devices, and cVc® technology to increase voice quality and reduce background noise. The unique design of Helix allows you to wrap the connecting cord for the headphones into a groove on the cuff while you are traveling or on the go.

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