The vehicle-mounted EV751 broadband cluster terminal is widely used in special industries, such as public security, airports and terminals, traffic and transportation and large-scale competitions.
EV751 has the injection molded enclosure made of black high-strength plastic, which is streamline and solid. The enclosure surface is decorated with large grain texture to increase the wear resistance. With its 5.0-inch HD touch screen, large display area and user-friendly HMI, EP821 can bring users superb operation and control experience. Users can install the required third-party software via large-size touch screen, which can enhance the efficiency and reduce workload of different users. Its screen is protected with high-strength lens, which is operable with gloved and wet hands. As the product is used on board for a long time, it has been strengthened in the internal structure, which is totally adaptable to the working environment with 5M3 anti-vibration Its high-power speakers can convey information accurately in noisy work environment. EV751 is equipped with GPS with the error less than 10m. EV751 can improve your work efficiency by

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