The hand-held EP720 broadband cluster terminal is widely used in special industries, such as public security, airports and terminals, traffic and transportation and large-scale competitions.
EP720 is light-weighted, thin and portable, which has a streamlined, elegant and exquisite shape. Users can install the required third-party software via the 5.2-inch touch screen, which is protected with high-strength lens and operable with gloved and wet hands. EP720 is highly extendable with various accessories via the expansion ports on its back. EP720 is equipped with GPS with the error less than 10m. Its removable large-capacity battery can guarantee uninterrupted operation. Its two HD cameras on the front and back of EP720 with video upload function can keep a close eye on the site in real time. The protection rating of high-strength enclosure is up to IP68. The PTT button is treated with two-stage oxidizing process, of which the bright orange edges highlight the fine quality and professionalism. The larger button area renders better user-friendliness and feel. The 3.5mm headphone jack on its top part is highly compatible. Two operating systems can run on EP720.

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