This highly customizable Bluefire kiosk simplifies self-service. It is designed to simplify and speed up your interactive customer process in the most intuitive way. The standard, but adjustable configurations are ready for checking out, pre-order, registration, gaming and betting, ticketing and many more.

The basic configuration can easily be adapted functionally for each market segment. Through the use of smart hardware and software components, you offer your customers a unique user experience. This innovative and fresh design fits perfectly into your omnichannel organization and is the ideal solution for self-service.
The modular approach always offers you the right configuration for your touchpoint. Regardless of whether the kiosk is used as a digital reception, for pre-ordering in restaurants, a registration terminal in a hospital, or a payment terminal in a supermarket.

Bluefire kiosk offers:

• Unique design
• The best ergonomics
• Configurable hardware
• Multiple customer functions
• Software integration
• (Remote) service and easy maintenance

Corné van Braak, Head of Consultancy & Design Pan Oston;

“ Bluefire kiosk is designed to create a seamless consumer experience. The Red Dot Design award is supportive of our strategy to define the future of consumer transactions. Driven to simplify self-service in every aspect, all our products are developed with the retailer, consumer and future technology in mind.”


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